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July 20, 2012
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Ponies Read Fanfiction XXIX by PicklePieCow Ponies Read Fanfiction XXIX by PicklePieCow


Haha, I put the show title in there! :la: What do I win?

I just whipped this up today. I had an ortho appointment this morning followed by shopping, because after getting back from the cottage, we realized that we had no food...
We have food now.
That was so irrelevant...
Anyway, all I had to do was look through the fanfic recommendations you guys made and draw quick reaction panels to them. There were fewer than I thought, but it still takes a while. You can see that I got lazy and shaved off some time by not drawing eyes very often. I'll drop the links to those fics at the bottom of this description...if I can find them...

I originally wanted the reactions to go on a bit longer, but I was tired and low on space. That's why for A Fun Day I only put Scoots and Dash instead of Scoots and all the main six (yes, I know I'm supposed to say 'mane' but I don't like to do that because it's technically not correct)...low on space. I would've liked to put Pinkie in there with her straight hair so that the change in the next panel didn't seem so random, but whatcha going to do?
Speaking of that, I actually was going to have her poof back near the top of the page, but I totally forgot and when I remembered, there was no easy way to slip it I stuck it at the bottom. Not the best solution, but I have never claimed to be in any way professional.

I kind of wanted the last panel here to be the second last and have the last one be a big shot of all the ponies involved laughing together, but that sadly didn't work out.

I guess that's all I have to say about this comic onto the sappy stuff about the whole experience!

First off, I just want to say (again), thank you guys so much. I've gained at least 50 watchers since I started this (and (I'll probably lose those watchers after this is submitted :XD:) and without all 50 of you, this comic might not be here. When I first started Ponies Read Fanfiction, I just did the first four during my winter break for fun. Then someone suggested a fic for the fifth one...and things just grew. Eight months later, I've done 29 comics. Wow. I just...I never expected this. I'm honestly amazed at the continuing support of you guys when there are comics out there that are better planned and better drawn. No, don't tell me this is well drawn, because it isn't. I'm not afraid to admit that, because I can do better than this if I really try. However, when I first started the series...I couldn't. I feel like it's faithful to the comics that I draw in this style...but I'm getting off topic. You guys are so supportive of me, and I haven't gotten a single mean comment. At least...not directed towards nice to each other, you guys!
I guess what I'm saying is that if not for you guys, I wouldn't be writing this. You've helped me to grow as an artist and a deviant. That sounds know what I mean.
I know I always complain about how exhausting it is to draw this series and how much work it is...and that's all true...but it's also a lot of fun. Doing something like just have to be able to have fun with it. I've had problems, yeah. but who hasn't? I'm really glad that I was able to share this series with all of you and I'm so glad you enjoyed it enough to read this message here. This IS the end of this series. However, feel free to create your own. I don't own this concept...I just own these PARTICULAR comics.
That's another thing...for the first time, someone stole my art. It was one of these comics.
The person got banned, but I thank the person who informed me whose username I will probably look up later to put here. Please guys, don't steal my art or my OC. I mean, if you ask and credit, you can use Sugar Pie, but you have to do BOTH of those things.
This got so random and off topic...
Anyway, I'll leave off with another thank-you...and this:
Ponies Read Fanfiction doesn't just belong to me. I mean, the comics do, so don't take them, but that's not the point. The whole idea belongs to all of us as a community. You guys suggested fics, and you guys kept this thing going. I drew it, yeah, but it was a group effort. We're our own community and anyone is welcome.

That was a terrible ending to a speech -.-

Hah, anyway, here are the fics:… Pattycakes (with commentary)… The Cutie Mark Killers… Onigokko (spelled it wrong in the comic--whoops!)… Rocket to Insanity… Blue's Blood Rarity's Generous Plan…! A Fun Day

Series Part One:
Series Part Two: This
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Sailorlove10 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I must honestly say that this wasn't too shabby. I also like it because it sort of teaches a moral about being careful on the internet. Very nice!
PicklePieCow Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013
While I disagree with your first statement, I'm glad that you liked it, and you're right about the moral—I didn't even think of that!
Sailorlove10 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's okay if you disagree with my first statement- unless of course you say that it sucks. And I'm glad that you agree with the moral I found!
Huskeygirl3 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Can you link me to harvest?(CMC)
I can't find it anywhere.
Pegasister05 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist… - story on
PicklePieCow Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013 It is in the description of this deviation. All of the stories featured in the comics can be found in the description of the comic in which they appear.
PrincessDragonSoul Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Student General Artist
I only read one mlp fanfic for now. And i know some of them but in summarys. 
Cupcakes: Pinke pie making cupcakes out of rainbow dash or killing rainbow dash
Rainbow factory: Rainbow dash killing scootaloo or making rainbows out of scootaloo
But i did read raritys new dress, my friend suggested it in my late birthday card.  But yeah fanfics are just stories made by random ppl. I also read some pokemon fanfics, like lost silver, and some other things i forgot them. But i remember one when kyreum is whole now. And i forgot the rest. And i read animaljam fanfics. Oh now i remmeber one of the pokemon fanfic its brv forgot the last letter. But anyways i shouldent be talking about this at night because i'll get nightmares because of them.

Silvershadow426 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Student Writer
So I've started reading a lot of the fanfics that you've mentioned in this comic so see how they are. I've already read Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory, Sweet Apple Massacre, and Cheerilee's Garden and am currently working on The Experiments of Twilight Sparkle.
BUT, I always have the same problem every time I read these. I don't have any trouble with the gore, or the torture, or even the completely OOC universe. No, my biggest problem is the fact that in every single one of these at least one pony vomits for some reason or another. HORSES AND PONIES CANNOT THROW UP. They don't have the stomach muscles like us, and every time I read something like that it kills me a bit inside, especially having ridden horses for almost six years.
PicklePieCow Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013
Yeah, that is true. I remember reading about that in the past, but I'm not one to notice things like that. I tend to focus on writing style and quality.
Of course, it doesn't help that the show did have ponies throwing up in Applebuck season, so for those without prior knowledge, it would seem natural. But yeah, I can see how that would bother you.
Silvershadow426 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Student Writer
Oh, I completely forgot about that episode. But I do have to give the MLP team credit for humanizing the ponies while still keeping a good amount of horse anatomy in the show. And yes, being a writer myself I'm finding most of these stories.... badly-ish written. Especially Sweet Apple Massacre. Cupcakes is the best one so far; it actually made me twinge a few times while reading it, and keeping Pinkie in character made the whole story even scarier because you have this overly cheerful pony tearing open someone! Proof that you don't need to make characters OOC for stories like these.
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